Undergraduate Student Resources

From advising and tutoring to funding and career services, resources are available to make the student experience as productive, supportive and enjoyable as possible.


Academic and Career Resources


GW Academic Commons

Find tutoring assistance, writing and research help, step-by-step study strategies, language support and more on the Academic Commons.


GW Center for Career Services

GW supplies career and job search coaching, self-assessment services, résumé and cover letter development, networking and more. 


Transferring Credits


Study Abroad Credits

Students wishing to transfer credit from courses taken while studying abroad should meet with their department advisor to discuss academic logistics. Students will then use the CATS (course approval transfer system) to transfer their study abroad courses. Students should provide a complete syllabus, semester in which the course was taken, the department and country of study and the name of the GW course for which they hope to obtain credit. Find more information on the transfer credit process by visiting the GW Office for Study Abroad.


Funding Resources

Joseph Dymond Scholarship for Educational Travel

Undergraduate students majoring in Geography and Environmental Studies are invited to apply for this $1,500 award.

Undergraduate Research Award

Apply for this $5,000 research award, open to first-years, sophomores and juniors.

Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Apply for a fellowship to support a research project carried out over several weeks or across multiple semesters.

KACIF Travel Grants

Apply for a Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) Travel Grant to supplement an unpaid internship.

Student Financial Assistance

Look for scholarships, Federal Work-Study positions, military benefits and other funding assistance.