Kelsey Nyland

Kelsey Nyland
Postdoctoral Scientist
Samson Hall
2036 H St, NW
Washington, District Of Columbia 20052
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Physical Geography of the Arctic

Periglacial Geomorphology and Glaciology

Arctic Climate and Environmental Change

GIS and Remote Sensing


BA (Geography and Environmental Studies) The George Washington University, 2013

MA (Geography) The George Washington University, 2015

Ph.D. (Geography) Michigan State University, 2019


Nyland, K.E., Nelson, F.E. 2019. Time-Transgressive Cryoplanation Terrace Development Through Nivation-Driven Scarp Retreat. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, In Press.

Nyland, K.E., Grebenets, V.I., Shiklomanov, N.I., Streletskiy, D.A. 2018. Igarka Vanishes: The Story of a Rapidly Shrinking Russian Arctic City. Focus on Geography, DOI: 10.21690/foge/2018.61.4f.

Nyland, K.E. Gunn, G.E., Shiklomanov, N.I., Engstrom, R.N., Streletskiy, D.A. 2018. Land Cover Change in the Lower Yenisei River Using Dense Stacking of Landsat Imagery in Google Earth Engine. Remote Sensing, 10, DOI: 10.3390/rs10081226.

Nyland, K.E., Schaetzl, R.J., Ignatov, A., Miller, B.A. 2018. A new depositional model for sand-rich loess on the Buckley Flats outwash plain, northwestern Lower Michigan. Aeolian Research, 31, 91-104.

Nyland, K.E., Shiklomanov, N.I., Streletskiy, D.A. 2017. Climatic- and anthropogenic-induced land cover change around Norilsk, Russia. Polar Geography, 40, 257-272.

Nelson, F.E., Nyland, K.E. 2017. Periglacial cirque analogs: Elevation trends of cryoplanation terraces in eastern Beringia. Geomorphology, 293, 305-317.

Nyland, K.E., Klene, A.E., Brown, J., Shiklomanov, N.I., Nelson, F.E., Streletskiy, D.A., Yoshikawa, K. 2017. Tradational Iñupiat Ice Cellars (Siġḷuaq) in Barrow, Alaska: Characteristics, Temperature Monitoring, and Distribution. Geographical Review, 107, 143-158.

Streletskiy, D.A., Shiklomanov, N.I., Little, J.D., Nelson, F.E., Brown, J., Nyland, K.E., Klene, A.E. 2016. Thaw Subsidence in Undisturbed Tundra Landscapes, Barrow, Alaska, 1962- 2015. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, DOI: 10.1002/ppp.1918.

Streletskiy, D.A., Tananaev, N.I., Open, T., Shiklomanov, N.I., Nyland, K.E., Streletskiya, I.D., Tokarev, I., Shiklomanov, A.I. 2015. Permafrost hydrology in changing climatic conditions: seasonal variability of stable isotope composition in rivers in discontinuous permafrost. Environmental Research Letters, 10, 095003.

Nyland, K.E., Shiklomanov, N.I., Streletskiy, D.A., Klene, A.E., Nelson, F.E. 2012. Effect of Vegetation on Soil-Surface Temperatures in Northern Alaska. Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Permafrost, 25 – 29 June 2012, Salekhard, Russia, International Contributions, 1, 295 - 300.

Classes Taught

GEOG 3128 - Geomorphology

GEOG 6304 - GIS1