Text: Department of Geography. Geography graduates student surrounding a map in Dr. Mann's GIS class


A community of geographers and

environmental scientists
Engaged with the world through the study of geospatial science, human geography and the environment 


Who We Are 


Professor of Geography and an undergraduate student mapping with a laptop in Ghana


The George Washington University Department of Geography uses the latest geospatial technologies to contribute to new discoveries and solutions.

Geography, Environmental Studies and Environmental and Sustainability Science students make their mark on the world and help find solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges, including climate change, urbanization, social injustice, sustainability and migration.

With a master of science program, three undergraduate majors and two minors, the Department of Geography equips its scholars with tools to work for respected companies, for nonprofits, for universities, and in public service at the local, state and national levels.



Our Research Areas



Kaitlyn Yarnell

(Photo: Mark Thiessen/National Geographic)

Kaitlin Yarnall

MA '08
National Geographic Society

“My life is busier than I ever thought it could be, but if I had more hours in the day, I would spend them in the GW Geography Department. It still feels like home.”

Geography at a Glance

$9 million awarded to faculty in external research funding since 2011.


Graphic: 150+ publications authored by geography faculty


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