Lisa Benton-Short

Lisa Benton-Short

Department Chair
Faculty: Associate
Room 216A
Address: Phillips Hall
801 22nd St NW
Washington, DC,

Areas of Expertise

Monuments, Memorials and Public Space 
National Parks in Cities
Environmental Issues in cities
Urban Sustainability 
Cities and Immigration

Associate Professor of Geography


Ph.D. (Syracuse)


Benton-Short, L.M. National Identity and the National Mall. (in progress)

Benton-Short, L (editor).  2013. Cities of North America: Contemporary challenges in US and Canadian Cities.  Rowman and Littlefield: New York.

Benton-Short, L.M. and J.R. Short. 2013. Cities & Nature, Second Edition. New York: Routledge and London

M. Price and Benton-Short, L.M. (editors) 2008. Migrants to the Metropolis: the Rise of Immigrant Gateway Cities. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press.

Benton, L.M. and J.R. Short (editors). 2001. Environmental Discourses: a Reader. Oxford: Blackwell.

Benton, L.M. and J.R. Short. 1999. Environmental Discourses and Practice. Oxford: Blackwell.

Classes Taught

GEOG 1001 - Human Geography
GEOG 2140 - Cities & Society 
GEOG 3143 - Urban Sustainability
GEOG 3810 - Building Cities
GEOG 6243 - Seminar on US Cities 
GEOG 6244 - Seminar on Urban Sustainability