Elizabeth Chacko

Elizabeth Chacko
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, CCAS
Room 107
Phillips Hall
801 22nd St NW
Washington, DC 20052
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Racial, national and ethnic identity formation among immigrants
The creation of ethnic spaces by immigrant communities
Linkages between transnationalism and development
South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa


Ford Foundation Grant:  2008-2009. Leadership Institute on Creative Responses to Global Climate Change in Vietnam.  The project is a collaboration between ESIA - PISA & SIGUR Center and the Department of Geography. 

GWU-CIBER. 2008-2009. Funding for project titled “Transnational Washington: Immigrant entrepreneurship and development linkages in a global city.  (With co-PI Dr. Marie Price).


Ph.D. (UCLA)



2013.  Marie Price and Elizabeth Chacko. Migrants' Inclusion in Cities: Innovative Urban Policies and Practices. Published in Spanish by the United Nations through UNESCO and UN-Habitat.  In English edition will be published in 2013

Book cover of Inclusion De Los Migrantes En Las Ciudades by Marie Price and Elizabeth Chacko.

Essentials in World Regional Geography. 2008. Michael Bradshaw, George White, Joseph Dymond and Elizabeth Chacko. McGraw-Hill Publishers.

Contemporary World Regional Geography. 2007. Bradshaw, M., White, G., Dymond, J., Chacko, E. 2nd Ed. Dubuque: McGraw-Hill. 

Chapters in Books

Chacko, E. (2017). Exodus, Circulation and Return: Movements of high-skilled migrants from India in a Transnational Era. In Rethinking Skilled Migration: A Place-based and Spatial Perspective. Edited by Q. Wang and M. van Riemsdijk. Routledge Press. Pp. 211- 225.

Chacko, E. and G. Sojo. (2016). Spaces of integration: International students in a global city. Chapter 22 in Race, Ethnicity and Place in a Changing America, Volume 3. Edited by J. W. Frazier, E. L. Tettey-Fio and N. F. Henry.  SUNY Press. Pp. 335-343.

Chacko, E. (2015). Immigrants from the Muslim World: Lebanese and Iranians. In  Contemporary Ethnic Geographies in America.  Edited by C. Airriess. Rowman and Littlefield. pp. 371-390.

Chacko, E. 2009. “Africans in Washington , D.C: Ethiopian Ethnic Institutions and Immigrant Adjustment” in The Neo-African Diaspora in the United States and Canada at the Dawn of the 21 st Century. Edited by  J.W. Frazier, J. T. Darden and N. F. Henry. Global Academic Publishing. Binghamton , NY . Pp.243-256.

Chacko, E. 2008. “ Washington: From bi-racial city to multiethnic gateway” in Migrants to the Metropolis: The Rise of Immigrant Gateway Cities Marie Price and Lisa Benton-Short (editors). Syracuse University Press, pp. 203-225.

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Journal Articles

Chacko, E. (2019). Fitting in and standing out: Identity and transnationalism among 2nd generation African Immigrants in the United States. African and Black Diaspora. DOI: 10.1080/17528631.2018.1559789

Chacko, E. (2017) Policies and practices of integration:  High skilled migrants from India in Singapore. Papers in Applied Geography, Volume 3, Issue 3-4, pp. 262-274.

Chacko, E. (2015) Hybrid sensibilities: Highly skilled Asian Indians negotiating identity in private, semi-private, and public spaces of Washington, DC. Journal of Cultural Geography 32(1): 115-128.Chacko, Elizabeth. (2007). From brain drain to brain gain: reverse migration to Bangalore and Hyderabad , India 's globalizing hightech cities. GeoJournal  68:131-140.

Chacko, E. (2005). Understanding the Geography of Pellagra in the United States: the Role of Social and Place-based Identities. Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography. 12(2): 197-212.

Chacko, E. (2004) Positionality and Praxis: Fieldwork Experiences in Rural India. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 25(1): 51-63.

Chacko, E. (2003). Identity and Assimilation Among Young Ethiopian Immigrants in Metropolitan Washington. The Geographical Review 93(4): 491-506.

Chacko, E. (2003) Ethiopian Ethos and the Creation of Ethnic Places in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Journal of Cultural Geography 20 (2): 21-42.

Chacko, E. (2003) Culture and Therapy: Complementary Strategies for the Treatment of Type-2 Diabetes in an Urban setting in Kerala, India. Social Science and Medicine 56(5): 1087-1098.

Chacko, E. (2003) Marriage, Development and the Status of Women in Kerala. Gender and Development. Special Marriage Issue 11 (2): 52-59.

Chacko, E. (2001) Women's use of contraception in rural India: A village-level study. Health and Place 7(3): 197-208.

Classes Taught

GEOG 2000 - Migrants and the City
GEOG 2127 - Population Geography
GEOG 3165 - Geography of South Asia
GEOG 6223 - Population and Health