Adam Jachimowicz

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Adam Jachimowicz

Adjunct Professor of Geography


Office Hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Dr. Adam Jachimowicz is a Researcher and Lecturer in the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering and Geography departments at the George Washington University (GWU). His background is a combination of systems engineering, geography, and emergency management. He has many years of professional experience in disaster response for the US federal government, and the US Army supporting construction and engineering, logistics and urban search and rescue (US&R) missions. His research focus areas include applying remote sensing and computational modeling to disaster response, the study of technological and complex systems within emergency management and humanitarian aid to enhance knowledge and tools for better decisions in the design and operation of these complex systems. Specific focus areas include use of small unmanned autonomous systems (UAS), risk analysis, modeling and optimization.

Emergency Management
Autonomous Technologies
Geo-spatial analysis in support of disaster response

GEOG 4309/6309 - GIS in Emergency Management and Humanitarian Aid
EMSE 6310 - Technology in Emergency Management

Khaloo A, Lattanzi D, Jachimowicz A and Devaney C (2018) Utilizing UAV and 3D Computer Vision for Visual Inspection of a Large Gravity Dam. Frontiers. Built Environment. 4:31.

Jachimowicz, A. Operation Medical Surge: Expanding hospital bed capacity in Washington DC in response to Covid-19. Constructor Magazine.

Jachimowicz, A, Zhang, Shiyan, Jakubek D. Developing Low-Cost Inundation Models for Dam Failures: Peligrè Dam in Haiti Case Study. Jun 2019.

Post Disaster Interim Housing: Determining Planning Factors and Determining Needs. Doctoral Dissertation, The George Washington University. June 2014.

B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo.
Master of International Affairs (MIA), Columbia University
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT),  Johns Hopkins University